Instant Counseling is the Counseling arm of Intimate Solution Network, the pioneer of professional Clinical Counseling in Nigeria. We are changing the face of counseling and totally committed to making sure that nigerian are truly living life irrespective of the challenges.

You cant be complaining of having the same result if you keep doing the same thing over and over again. No individual, relationship or marriage can survive without the periodic intervention of a professional counselor.

An encounter with intimate counseling will definitely change your relationship, marriage and life for better. My cozy and warm office prepare just for your comfort will help you to relax and feel at home as you share your deepest thought.
I am totally committed to your well being and it is my uttermost priority to see you find the balance to make your life more meaningful. Your sessions with me are completely dedicated to you without distraction; you have my full attention and 100% confidentiality.

Every session is special and treated with individualistic approach to suit your needs and you become the most important person as soon as you step into my office and not just another client, whatever we discussed is within the walls of my office.
Counseling is not a sign of weakness but strength, an indication that you are willing to do everything possible to make your relationship and marriage works.

Instant Counseling is filling this obvious vacuum to help individual through journey of self discovery and fulfilling life purpose.!


Making sure people are genuinely happy, truly living life and fulfilling purpose by making professional counseling accessible, affordable and convenient.


  1. Relationship & Marriage Counseling: Wether you want to find out why you are single against your wish or you want to save an embattled marriage or find your lost peace. The only where to get the right counsel is with Instant Counseling.
  2. Sex Therapy: If sex has taken the back stage in your marriage or achieving orgasm has become a daunting task. Talk to Dr. Tolu and bring back the spark in your bedroom. If you have any of these issues as well: i. Frigidity ii. Premature ejaculation iii. Vagina dryness iv. Erectile dysfunction etc.
  3. Pre – Marriage Counseling
  4. Bachelorette Party Gig
  5. We also work on issues like: Delayed marriage, Rejection
    Disappointment, Self esteem issues, Anger management
    pervasive feelings of hopelessness, difficulties controlling your anger, difficulties dealing with your children or parenting issues, unresolved traumas from your past
    problems with sleeping or eating, grief over the loss of a loved one, sadness or depression, feelings of anxiety or panic
    Failed relationships etc


Dr. Tolulope Oko-Igaire is a professional clinical relationship and marriage counselor, sex therapist, family life coach and matchmaker. She runs a popular Television and Radio talk show, Intimate Talk With Tolu. The publisher of “IS” Magazine (Intimate Solution Magazine), Dr. Tolu has spoken in different programs all around the world. She’s the Provost of The Institute of Counseling in Nigeria ICN. Dr. Tolu has National Diploma certificate in food science and technology from the then Ondo State Polytechnic Owo, she later bagged a degree in Economics from University of Ado Ekiti before getting her Masters Degree in Financial Economics from the University of Port Harcourt.

She has Diploma in Theology from Divine Power Bible College Ado Ekiti, Diploma in Counseling, Diploma in Grief and Bereavement Counseling, Diploma in Crisis Counseling and Diploma in Couples and Family Counseling all from The Institute of Counseling Scotland. She also has certificate in human sexuality from Zur Institute, Sonoma Carlifonia. She has honorary doctorate degree in counseling from The Development Institute of Counseling Los Angeles. A member of international association of marriage and family counselors iAMFC and other international bodies, Dr. Tolu has received numerous awards both in Nigeria and abroad and she’s surely a force to reckon with in the field of counseling and psychotherapy.

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