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No Queuing

If you need to talk to your  therapist on the go, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! You don’t have to schedule an appointment or join the Queue before sharing your thoughts and concerns with a qualified professional. After a brief survey, you can talk to Dr. Tolu within 24 hours.

Anywhere, Anytime!

Forget beating the traffic or waiting for your therapist to respond before pouring out your heart. Even with her tight schedule, Once matched to Dr. Tolu, you happiness becomes her topmost priority. This ensures that she will be there to talk with you when problems occur and even afterwards.

No Barriers

There’s no limit to the amount of time you can spend with your therapist and no barriers to professional help access that lasts as long as you need. Unlike the usual traditional therapist that are limited by hours and sessions.


When contacting your counselor, choose the platform that best fits your lifestyle.


Use a secure, private chat room to share your thoughts whenever they occur.


Hold a real-time conversation via live chat.


Give your counselor a call through a private line, and rest assured that your number will remain confidential.


Share your thoughts with face-to-face counseling via video conference.


Though the world is becoming a global village, the obvious truth is, to get the best out of your therapy, the traditional one on one style is still the most effective. Do you wish to schedule a one on one appointment with the number one marriage counselor and the only professional sex therapist in Nigeria? You can take advantage of any of our Special offers and book a private appointment with Dr. Tolu in her cozy office. Check out our offers below and fill the form underneath to schedule an appointment.

Counseling / Sex Therapy

No individual, relationship or Marriage can survive on its own without periodic intervention of professional counselor. Before you give up on your life or throw in the towel on your relationship, marriage or sex life, Schedule a private one on one appointment to meet with the professional therapist in her cozy office or at the comfort of your home (subject to boundaries).

It Takes Two

This is our Specialized Pre-Marriage Counseling Services for “The About to Weds” Under no circumstances should you get married without proper professional clinical
pre-marriage counseling. Its okay to buy all the Aso ebis and go through all the current wedding ceremony paparazzi, but its more important to be sure of what you are getting. It is better to prepare for marriage, than preparing for wedding.

Bachelorette Party Gig

Sex is a very important part of marriage that could make or mar your relationship. Be sure you are equipped with the right skills that i sneered to keep your man before getting married. Your Bachelorette Party is not complete without the presence of our Brilliant, Blunt and no Hold Barred Sex Therapist. Break the conspiracy of silence and ask all your troubling sexual questions on your last night as a single lady. Sincerely, your friends will be happy for this!

Love Renewed

Falling in love is the very easy part, staying in love is the issue. Sustaining love, nurturing love, creating and maintaining a relationship in which love cannot just survive, but thrive, is what extraordinary relationships is all about. LOVE RENEWD is a special program designed for as many as are considering divorce, separation or about giving up on their marriage, Try this rejuvenating program before you give up. Love renewed is an incredible personal journey of self-discovery and learning.
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